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Do you want to enjoy an ice rink?

N-ICE Events offers you all your experience to make your skating rink a reality, adapting our proposal to the needs of each project.
From a simple rental of our N-ICE ice rinks to a complete event with platform, tents, personnel management, skating shows, DJ's, lighting, ...

N-ICE in Plaza Catalunya, the largest ice rink in Europe

We are specialist in skating rinks in both synthetic ice and real ice surface.

Ice rink Bilbao

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Portable and synthetic ice rinks After several years in the skating rink sector, N-ICE Events has surrounded itself with the best partners to offer you a global "turnkey" ice rink project.


Although it may seem like a simple event, the ice rinks and everything that surrounds them can be more than annoying, so we advise you, to take good advice before launching a project of this magnitude.


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Sale and rental of ice rinks and summer activities

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