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After several years in the skating rink sector, N-ICE Events has surrounded itself with the best partners to offer you a global "turnkey" ice rink project.

Although it may seem like a simple event, the ice rinks and everything that surrounds them can be more than annoying, so we advise you to take good advice before launching a project of this magnitude.

We advise to take into account:

- Age of the rental rinks offered (more years, more risk of leaks, more inefficient ...)

- Age of the cooling machines used (dependence on reliability and electricity consumption)

- CE homologation of cold and electric consumption machines

- Type of fences used (wood, polyethylene ...)

- Type of skates (antiquity, comfort, ease of putting on and taking off, durability)

- Projects carried out, clients who repeat ...


N-ICE Events considers the rental of an ice rink as an important investment of time and money, it can only be done with trusted partners. Our experience shows us that the success of the installation and management of an ice rink in a city, commercial center, or anywhere, means continuity and repetition of the project in the following years, becoming a benchmark year after year.

Portable ice rinks

Synthetic ice rinks





After many years in the world of skating rinks and after analyzing the European market of manufacturers of ice rinks, we only found one manufacturer, not distributor, that offered complete ice tracks, that is, it manufactured the cold machine and the rinks of ice. Our goal was to partner with this factory and be distributors of these complete ice rinks in Spain and Andorra.

N-ICE Events is the exclusive distributor of the ice rinks and cold machines of the Italian company Industrial Frigo since more than 3 years, increasing the market share year after year. All its machines are designed and manufactured with the goal of reducing the electrical consumption as much as possible and increasing the cooling capacity. You can get more technical information at industrialfrigoice.com


Ice rink Plaza Catalunya 

Advantages of the N-ICE ice rink system:

A larger pipe diameter to optimize the flow of glycol, reduce internal pressure, and thus let cold machines work at low intensity. All this together with some cold machines designed and manufactured only for use on ice rinks, means that we can offer a lower power consumption and thus a reduction of energy costs of more than 30% compared to standard cold machines on the market.

Each machine has the necessary power according to the size of the rink, so consumption is optimal for each event.

Our competitors will try to persuade you with the simple argument that aluminum is a better conductor than EPDM, but behind an ice rink there are many more details that define the effectiveness of an ice rink. Just a tip, not all the aluminum rinks are the same, nor all the EPDM tracks are the same, nor the cold machines used, nor the technical service offered, nor the age of the rinks, nor the fences, nor the skates. Therefore simply make sure of the product and supplier you want for your N-ICE ice rink project.

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