What are the basic requirements to install an ice rink?

It requires a firm, compact and level ground. If the floor is not level, a wooden platform (a platform) must be placed to achieve a horizontal and flat surface.
Second, an electrical connection to the network to connect the chiller. If there is not enough power, you can use a generator (electric generator) that we also put at your disposal. All these options are valid. However, as a guide, we indicate that a minimum of 250 A / phase is required.
Finally, a water connection near the rink is required to create the ice.

What size can have the ice rink?

Actually, we can adjust to your needs regarding the size of the rink. Ideally, it will be a technical visit by a NICE specialist and study which installation best fits the space. Larger cities usually choose larger rinks. The width-length ratio is usually 2: 1. Different proportions are possible. The smallest rink can have 10 x 20 meters. There are no limits to the largest rink. We must also take into account that the bigger the rink, the more energy and water consumption will be needed.

How many people can skate simultaneously on an ice rink?

Although each client is free to set a limit, we recommend a maximum capacity of 1 skater for 4m2. For example, in an ice rink of 15 x 30 meters, 450 m2 could safely fit around 110-120 skaters simultaneously.

How long does it take to build an ice rink?

The ice rink can be installed in just one day. To generate the ice layer, it takes 2 or 3 days depending on the weather conditions and if the rink is outdoor or indoor.

How thick is the ice?

Most ice rinks use a thickness of 3 inches (around 6 - 8cm). A much thinner thickness could cause fractures in the ice and a much thicker thickness would consume more energy from the chiller and could reduce the quality of the ice on the above layer.

What is the electricity and water consumption of an ice rink?

The electrical consumption is related to the cooling capacity required by the chiller to keep the ice rink in good conditions. The power of these chillers, usually ranging from 80 kW to 1,500 kW or more. For an approximate calculation of the electrical consumption of the installation, please contact us for the size of the rink and the rental time, we can calculate this consumption (approximately). Also, these details can be studied once the size of the rink and the required cooling capacity have been chosen. As for the water consumption, it is about 75 liters / m2 to generate a uniform ice layer of about 8 cm.

How far can be the chiller from the ice rink?

The closer the cooling machine is to the ice rink, the more efficient the energy consumption. If the chiller is too far from the rink, more power is required to maintain the temperature. In any case, each project is different and we can adapt according to the needs. From rinks with chiller 10 meters away, to rinks with chillers 75 meters from the rink.

What can I do to consume less energy?

For the rinks installed outdoors, we recommend to use tents to reduce the electricity consumption (although it is not an essential requirement). With the use of the tent, you will avoid the heat of the direct sun on the ice and thus the chiller would not have to work at full load. Consequently, there will be less consumption. Also, if the weather conditions allow it, you can choose to turn off the chiller during the night and turn it on again in the early morning. This is done in an automatich way. Depending on the geographical region, it can be installed outdoors perfectly. The humidity, the wind and the direct rays of the sun are factors much more important than the heat, at the time of having an optimal layer of ice and without puddles. High humidity is one of the elements that can affect the quality of ice, likewise the wind.

What happens if it rains?

If the rink is installed outdoor without tent, the rainwater on the rink will freeze. In the event that it rains continuously, it may be convenient not to open the track to the public since the conditions for skating will not be optimal. There would be a layer of water. The excess of water on the ice makes the surface excessively slippery causing many falls.

What happens if it snows?

It is recommended to continuously remove the snow to prevent it from freezing on the surface of the ice rink, creating an irregular layer or increasing the thickness of the ice in an undesirable way.

How many people do I need to manage the ice rink?

To manage a rink, a minimum of 2 people is required. From here, everything will depend on the size of the rink and the place of installation. It is not the same a rink located in a small town, that a rink located in the central square of a shopping center during the summer season.

How many rental skates do I need?

We offer you the best amount of skates and size range, according to the size of the rink you want to install. In addition, we include all the necessary components for the correct management of the rink, shelf for skates, rubber floor for the rental area, benches, snow shovel, sharpening machine, etc.

What are the basic safety standards on an ice rink?

We will provide you with standard safety rules for skating rinks. Reviewing the most important: that all skaters use gloves, that all users skate in the same direction, not allow the realization of racing or skating at high speed, etc…. It is important to have a first aid kit present in the facility.

What advertising elements can be installed on the ice rink?

An ice rink usually offers many possibilities in terms of sponsors. First, you can take advantage of the perimeter fence of the ice rink, both inside and outside. Then there is the possibility of placing advertising flags around the rink and freezing the logo of the main sponsor inside the ice in the center of the rink.
You can also place inchables, kiosks, promotional stands, beach bars, logo projections for the night ... Up to a market of curiosities, food or whatever ...Create an environment.

How long should the skating turns last and how much is the price of the ticket?

On most rinks, the price for skating ranges from 3 Euros to 7 Euros. Including the skates, depending on the time per turn. Additionally, if the user does not bring gloves, they can sell protective gloves at 1 or 2 Euro. The skating times of each group can range from 25 minutes to 1 hour. It is recommended to take turns of 30 minutes per group. You can buy the ticket in advance, setting schedules for each shift. For children under 12 years of age, we recommend the use of helmets and protectors, which we also put at your disposal.

What maintenance does the ice rink require once it is installed?

For the maintenance of the track it is required to pass the shovel removes snow (frost) on the surface and apply a thin layer of water after the daily use to get a perfect surface for the next day.

From what age can children skate?

Usually, the minimum age stipulated for ice skating is 4 years, but is not a official rule for it. Some kids 3 years old skates without problems…

How long does it take to dismantle the ice rink?

In any case, if required, you can hire a machine (heat pump) to accelerate the process to 3 days.
For any other question or advice, do not hesitate to call us.

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