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N-ICE Events also offers the sale of permanent ice rinks. We have partners with great experience in the United States and other countries in the installation of permanent rinks of any size.


If you have decided to develop an ice rink business, we offer you the different technologies in terms of existing ice rinks in the market. We make yourrink to fit your needs. Our engineers will make a study of what would be the most efficient system for your premises, taking into account the energy savings and technical specifications of the rink location.


We have a wide variety of accessories and product lines, everything you need to start your business without having to looking for thousands of suppliers. All in one pack. We always seek to adapt to the needs of the client, with the most competitive prices in the market.

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Rental of ice rinks



We accompany you from the beginning of the project, to make the experience as simple as possible. We advise you at each stage so you do not have to worry about anything. We offer all the necessary elements and accessories to put the rink in motion, from the machinery, skids, and shelves, to the benches and rubber floor for the rental area. We also advise you ghow to manage your rink to optimize resources, sponsors and marketing strategies to ensure success.

We have wide experience in this business, import and export for remote locations and a large database of trusted suppliers in case that requires complementary elements to improve its installation and attract more clients.

Rental of ice rinks  


We offer any size of ice rink that suits the space you have and your budget as well.

With our experience we advise you on what type of event suits better your needs. We will value the environment, the active population, the economic impact, and the place where you want to install the ice rink, to design the best event for your city, shopping center, amusement park, etc ...

Another important issue to consider is to assess the feasibility of the project from the point of view:


- Technician (assembly, weight that supports the ground where to install the rink, necessary electrical power, water, ...)

- Economic (forecast of skaters during the event, sponsors, general costs, plan)

- Technical project (technical documentation, city permits, installation certificates, ...)

 Rental of ice rinks  

Slide of ice and / or synthetic & ecological



Have you thought of something new to differentiate yourself from the other ice rinks?

The ice slide is a complementary alternative to the ice rink, which, using the same cold machinery, allows children to enjoy sliding on ice at high speed.

We offer the structure and slide of different sizes according to the needs, both for ice slides and synthetic or ecological slides.

Ask us for information and budget and we will advise you to enjoy another activity during Christmas.

Slide of ice and / or synthetic & ecological  





Snow park



Snow park is ideal for shopping centers, it's about simulating children's play areas with sand but here with snow.


Snow park  

Advertising on the ice rinks



Sponsors on ice rinks.




Skaters, public and spectators…. a heterogeneous audience of different ages. Do not you think it would be the right place for advertising? Do not doubt it.


The side fences of the N-ICE rinks are the ideal place for this.

Advertising on the ice rinks  
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