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An event, a special party... Any occasion becomes unique by renting an N-Ice rink! We solve your doubts.

Sale of ice rinks

Buy your ice rink and turn it into your big business! Multiple possibilities for your personal project. Let us advise you!

Integral management

A good solution for managing your ice rink. Shall we talk?

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N-ice | Ice rinks - Value added

We design, manufacture and install our rinks, ensuring product quality from start to end.

Skates, cleaning machines, skate sharpener, benches, lockers, fences, helmets, support figures…

Our pipe diameter is larger to optimize the glycol flow, reduce internal pressure and allow the cold machines to work at low intensity.

Reduction in energy costs of more than 30% compared to standard refrigeration machines on the market.

Each machine has the necessary power depending on the size of the track, so consumption is optimal for each event.

Latest generation compact cold machine, reduced noise, high energy efficiency.

All our machines comply with European regulations: EC 98/37, 09/39, 91/368, 93/44 and 93/68 Directive 81/336 / EEC “EMC” Directive 73/23 / EEC (LVD).

Our experience at your fingertips, we offer all the necessary technical support and training to your staff for easy management.

Our team at your disposal at any time: solvency and professionalism guaranteed.

City councils, sponsors, shopping centers, private companies, associations and entities… all of them are part of the great N-Ice family…

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