About us

At N-ICE Skating we have been dedicated to the skating industry since 1978 in England and since 2003 with global distribution offices in Barcelona (Spain). We specialize in skating rinks in both synthetic ice and real ice. We are specialists in the manufacture of synthetic materials. Leaders in the market, with several high-density polyethylene presses and self-lubricated.

N-ICE Events was born with the purpose of offering a complete service for the making of skating rinks, both of ice and synthetic.

Since 1978 we have not stopped investigating and deepening the development of skating polyethylene rinks. The special selection of the raw material together with the improvement and absolute control of the pressing process allows us to offer the best existing surface for blade skating today.

From our factory in England, we present our flagship product: our synthetic ice skating rinks. An ice rink, but without ice.  An authentic revolution.  Having our own factory in Southport, UK, has allowed us to experiment with the different surfaces and produce the most suitable material for ice skating in all its variants offering the surface that best suits your project. We design, manufacture and install our rinks, ensuring the quality of the product from start to finish.

Ours are the first synthetic ice rinks recommended by the National Ice Skating Association of the UK.

Due to the size of the projects and their relevance, it is important to surround yourself with the best partner that offers the best quality and guarantee. For our part we offer all of this and our experience and finished projects guarantee it. Recently, we have partnered with a group of experts in ice rinks with more than 30 years of experience in the market, with more than 1000 facilities around the world, including NHL stadiums and Olympic speed skating rinks.

The success of your project is our goal. Our guarantee is our experience.

The success of your project is our goal. Our guarantee is our experience.