Synthetic and ecological ice rink

A new concept of fun. The revolution in the skating rinks. N-ICE, the alternative to your ice rink. A product with endless opportunities.

Different sizes, shapes, colors … On the outside or inside, on rooftops, in theaters, covered and uncovered rinks. In deserts, beaches, in the countryside.


The N-ICE rinks are ecological and are fully adapted to the needs and desires of the client.

What does N-ICE offer you?

– Minimum initial investment

– Long duration

– Reduced maintenance

– Minimum installation costs

– Low water and energy consumption

– Possibility of obtaining great benefits

– We sell, rent and install fully equipped rinks.

– We supply all the necessary complements to make the facility operative (skates to rent, cleaning machines, roller sharpeners, benches, lockers, etc.)

– We offer all the technical support and necessary training to your staff for easy management.

Advantages of synthetic ice rinks on the real


Allows custom shape and size of the rinks

– Allows the choice of rink colors

– Allows several thicknesses according to your needs


Low maintenance costs, does not require compressors or complex machinery.

– No generation of cold (without chillers or generators)

– Low energy expenditure for maintenance

– Low water consumption


Suitable for places where you cannot put ice for technical or aesthetic reasons.

– Allows indoor and outdoor skating

– Variety of uses

– Quick installation (3 days estimate)


A durability approximate 20 years and a guarantee 10 years (surface material)


The initial investment is much lower than that of an ice rink.

– It is not necessary to buy maintenance machinery

– Lower energy and water consumption costs

– It can remain open 24h. per day (while ice rinks need to be closed for maintenance every 2 or 3 hours)


Low costs for energy and water.

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