Ice rink rental

An event in sight?
Are you looking to boost visits in your town, shopping center or leisure area?

We have the solution!

N-ice offers the rental service of ice rinks, real or synthetic, as well as slides.

A “turnkey” solution: we take care of everything, from start to finish: transportation, assembly, start-up, material necessary for the operation of the activity and personalized advice to the client. Everything, so that your ice rink is ready to operate on the indicated date

And we continue by your side! During the time it is operational, we serve you… technical and after-sales service available 24/7.

N-ice offers the service of selling ice rinks, real or synthetic, as well as slides

Either for fixed installation in a specific location or temporarily at specific times of the year.

100% personalized installations, tailored to your needs

At N-ice we advise you from start to finish. We look for your best location, create a draft of the project and… we get started!

Always offering our pre and post-sale advisory service.

Track, accessories and all the material you need…. Trust N-ice!

N-ice is much more than ice rinks and slides

We offer a service that goes beyond renting or selling products: comprehensive management.

If your project needs complete monitoring, day-to-day management, organization of suppliers, hiring of personnel… we are your solution.

At N-ice we take care of the comprehensive management of your ice rink or slide.